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“ONE EARTH MSSION” Website is managed and operated by the Saito Kinen Orchestra Foundation (the "Foundation"). In accordance with the basic principle of the Personal Information Protection Act, which states that personal information should be handled with discretion and with respect for the individual, The Foundation will take all possible precautions to ensure accuracy and maintain confidentiality to undertake the following measures:

1. All relevant laws regarding the handling of Personal Information shall be observed

In this regard, The Foundation will observe and comply with the Personal Information Protection Act related laws and regulations and will base its handling of personal information on generally accepted procedures. In addition, the Foundation will strive to improve the handling of these procedures and will be amended as required in response to the changes of the law or society.

2. Personal Information will be collected and used for limited purposes only

When acquiring Personal Information within The Foundation, participants will be notified of the purposes for the use of such information, or these purposes will be made public. Personal Information will be handled in accordance with the following designated purposes:

  1. To provide information to the customers through this site

  2. To provide information related to The Committee's data base and its publishing materials

  3. To confirm subscription to email services or to provide other services

  4. To amend or respond to inquiries from participants regarding any of the above services.

  5. To undertake any other procedures related to the above services.

  6. To analyze and produce statistical data, which does not disclose the Personal Information of specific individuals.

  7. To provide ensured security

3. Personal Information shall be managed in a safe and thorough manner

In order to prevent the loss, damage, illegal transfer or falsification of Personal Information, The Foundation will undertake all necessary and appropriate measures required for the safe management of personal information. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the activities of The Foundation, certain functions are delegated to outside companies. While Personal Information may be provided to these companies to the extent necessary for the performance of the functions needed, a contract will be executed to ensure the proper handling of such information, and such handling will be supervised.

4. Personal Information, in principle, will not be provided to third parties

Within The Foundation Personal Information will never be provided to a third party, except in the following cases:

  • In cases of outsourcing, as outlined in (3)

  • In cases where the permission of the individual has been outlined

  • In other cases stipulated by law

5. Responses shall be made to all requests regarding Personal Information

The Foundation will make every effort to maintain the Personal Information of participants in an accurate and up-to-date format. In addition, when requested by the customer to disclose or correct personal information held by the Foundation, after confirming that the applicant is the identity of the data subject, the Foundation shall disclose and correct the information 

① by providing electromagnetic records, or 

② in writing as specified by the data subject.

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal data, please contact us at TEL03-6277-9450 of the Secretariat of the Saito Kinen Orchestra Foundation (business hours: 10:00-17:00, weekends, holidays, and other holidays stipulated in the regulations of the Foundation).

When a participant requests that The Foundation suspends use of or deletes their Personal Information, such action will be taken within a reasonable period of time, and upon confirmation that the request was made directly by the relevant individual. The partial or complete suspension of use or deletion of a participant's information may unfortunately render The Foundation unable to provide the requested services to participants. (Moreover, in some cases the suspension of use or deletion of Personal Information may be constrained by the relevant laws and regulations.)

About cookies

The Foundation shall use cookie technology on the Site. Cookies is a mechanism that allows you to temporarily write and save data to your computer through a Web browser.

Cookies are not used in a manner that enables the identification of individuals.

Resident Data in EU Area

The Foundation shall stipulate the handling of information identifying residents in the European Union (hereinafter referred to as "EU") including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway based on the EU Member States and the EU Economic Area Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Resident Data in EU Area" and natural persons who are the subject of the Resident Data in EU Area shall be referred to as "Resident Data Entity in EU Area"), as follows. The above privacy policy will apply to the handling of resident data in EU area.


①Obtain the clear consent of data subject

In the event that the Foundation handles resident data in EU area, the Foundation shall, unless there is a legal basis for the handling other than the consent of the person, clearly indicate the purpose of handling resident data in EU area and other matters requiring notification in terms of EU and shall obtain the clear consent for the use thereof from the resident data subject in EU area. In addition, the explanation for obtaining consent shall be clearly indicated in a manner clearly distinguishable from other cases using clear and plain language and in a manner that is easy to understand and easily accessible. The data subject may withdraw his/her consent at any time.


Provided, however, that the legality of the processing of personal information based on consent prior to withdrawal shall not be affected by the withdrawal of consent.

The Foundation does not intentionally collect and process information about children under the age of 16 without the permission and consent of their guardians.


The Foundation will take steps to erase information as soon as possible if it discovers that it has been directly collecting and processing personal information of children under the age of sixteen years or under the age of GDPR which differs according to the laws of EU Member States.


②The Consent Records Retention 

The Foundation shall keep records so that consent to the handling of EU resident data obtained from EU resident data subject can be presented upon request for proof of consent.


③Response to exercise of rights by the Data Subject

The Foundation shall respond in accordance with the provisions of GDPR when it receives the exercise of rights by the Data Subject in GDPR with regard to the Resident Data in EU area handled by the Foundation.


④Contact information

For requests and inquiries regarding the exercise of rights recognized by the data subject in GDPR with regards to the resident data in EU area that the foundation treats as the administrator in GDPR, please contact the following contact information. When responding to the request, the Foundation will confirm that the data subject or its representative.

Saito Kinen Orchestra Foundation

7-16-15, Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0066 JAPAN



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